Acoustics has a very long tradition at the Department of Physics. The Group of Acoustics was founded by Professor J.B. Slavik, head of the Department of Physics after reopening of the Czech Technical University after the Second World War.

Physical Acoustics

  • sound field (particularly sound energy propagation in various sound fields)
  • interaction of sound waves with structures, diffraction efects
  • transient sound field
  • nonlinear acoustics

Acoustical Measurement

  • anechoic room
  • development of new measurement methods (impulse methods, sound intensity, measurement methods for evaluation of wind turbine noise, acoustic holography)
  • development of national standards (sound power measurement based on ISO 374X, terminology in acoustics)
  • practical applications (measurement of frequency and directional characteristics of various sound sources, vibration measurements, measurements of high intensity sound fields, noise measurements, impulse measurements, measurements for building and room acoustics, measurement methods for diagnostics)

Noise Control

  • acoustical characteristics of noise sources
  • improvement of noise parameters of electrical and mechanical machines
  • noise surveys for various types of environment (workplace, home, ...)
  • active noise control

Psychoacoustics, Sound quality evaluation

  • methods of objective and subjective evaluation of product sound quality
  • subjective methods for room acoustics
  • listening tests

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