Active noise control

Active Noise Control

Research on active control of sound has become one of the main interests of the Group of Acoustics since 1995. Members of the group involved in this program deal with physical processes in controlled sound field, development of control algorithms, modeling of control processes, and particularly practical implementation of active noise control (ANC) in ducts, creation of zones of quiet, active structural acoustics control (ASAC) and development of new actuators for ASAC.

Research on ANC in ducts was supported by the grant no. 313/97/0892 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (1997-1999). The main goal of this grant was investigation of possibilities of ANC in air-conditioning ducts with respect to practical realization in air-conditioning systems for environment for highly demanding work (operating theaters, e.g.).

Next research was supported by the grant no. 102/01/1370 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, named "Multichannel system of active noise control" and recently by the grant No. P101/10/2383 "Active structural acoustic control of sound transmission through thin walls".

At present, the main research is focused on development of new transducers based on piezoelectric bimorph stripes acting as moment or force actuators.