PhD. theses

Subjective and objective sound quality evaluation

Supervisor: Ondřej Jiříček

Description: This topic is focused on objective methods of evaluation of sound quality of various products. These methods are supported by subjective evaluation methods.

Acoustic parameters of space – measurements, modeling, design

Supervisor: Ondřej Jiříček

Description: The topic is focused on evaluation and design of spaces for various purposes. Modeling and measurement of new room acoustic parameters will lead to recommendations for acoustic designers as well as for cataloguing of selected spaces.

Precise measurements in acoustics – radiation characteristics, diffraction, measurements in anechoic room

Supervisor: Ondřej Jiříček

Description: This framework topic covers all new measurement techniques for evaluation of radiation characteristics of sound sources or characterization of various sound fields.

Active control of sound and vibrations – Active structural acoustics control

Supervisor: Ondřej Jiříček

Description: Within this topic students will focus on development of active system for control of radiation from vibrating bodies including design of appropriate transducers and corresponding signal processing.